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Music: Here Comes The Sun by George Harrison

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        Our Boat Page.   Robert and I with some pictures from our trips on the Long Island North Shore.
        Shows Photo Shop slicing and manipulation.   Just a home splash page.   Has a link to Paula McWhirter's Site for Fred Buck's Tuxedo Junction Band.
        First and most involved site.   It has a form submission; click on green bar at the very top of the home page and then click on the Respond button.
        Shows photo and art work for a professional site.
        The home page is entirely mine as are some of the other pages but mostly it was an exercise to re-do an existing site.   Home page is frames and main window graphic is sliced for links.
        Resume as of April 2001.   Shows Gif manipulation on menu bar.
        AIMS Invite sent out as HTML Mail:
        On The Border Restaurant
        AIMS Invite sent out as HTML Mail:
        Jones Beach Restaurant

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